Protinex Bytes

Nutrition on the Go, is your Protein-rich companion to manage on – the – go hunger.
Each Byte comes with a wholesome nutrition to help retain your energy levels. Enjoy a Healthy Byte anytime, anywhere.

  • High Protein
  • Goodness of Multigrain
  • 0% Trans fat
  • 100% Vegetarian Source of Protein
  • Contains 26 vital nutrients

Bytes Story

Protein is one of the most important everyday nutrients for all of us. However due to a busy lifestyle, it gets difficult to meet our daily protein needs. That’s why we at Protinex, bring to you a snack that gathers convenience, taste, health and of course, Protein in every bite! Protinex Bytes provides High Protein and 26 essential Nutrients to help fulfil your daily nutritional needs in a convenient manner.

Bytes Time

For anytime, anywhere hunger

Skipped Breakfast

Stuck in traffic

Working late hours

Craving a midnight snack

Flight is delayed

Tired of shopping

Break from household chores

Evening snack before playtime

Between lectures

Completing projects

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Let’s make our lives healthy, one byte at a time!


Protinex Bytes is available in which flavours?

Protinex Bytes is available in Vanilla Flavour.

What are the different Protinex Bytes pack sizes?

Protinex Bytes is available in 100g and 200g pack.

How many Bytes are available in a 100-gram pack?

Each 100g pack contains 20 Bytes.

What is the recommended serving per day?

Recommended Servings:
Adults 5 Bytes (25g)
Children (4years & above) 3 Bytes (15g)

How much Protein does Protinex Bytes have?

Protinex Bytes has 32 g of protein per 100 g.
For instance, 5 Bytes = 1 glass of Protinex

How many Protinex Bytes = 1 glass of milk?

4 Bytes = 1 glass of milk (200ml).

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