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Common Queries

  • How much protein does my body require?
  • Is my diet sufficient to meet my protein needs?
  • Does high protein lead to weight gain?
  • Should I take protein lead to weight gain?
  • Should I take protein on doctor’s recommendation only?
  • Is it true that protein are only required by those who exercise?

Protein Tips

  • Protein is necessary for the growth of muscles and bones
  • Protein consumption reduces hyperglycemia and brings down the blood sugar levels
  • Always ensure that the food you are eating is meeting your daily protein requirement

Do’s and Don’ts

  • During illness or injury, ensure that you consume extra proteins, always helps
  • For proper growth always ensure your kid’s diet is nourished with proteins
  • Always take a diet that is fortified with everything from vitamins, proteins, minerals and carbs

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